Transferring knowledge, skills and passion is essential to develop a business

My training-related services can be addressed directly to the entrepreneurs and managers of the companies I assist, to let them independently apply the shared methods and processes; or the training can be targeted to employees, suppliers or customers.

As an advisor I am also usually involved in structuring training offers to third parties, both in the retail and in the corporate sectors, helping the entrepreneurial activity of schools, companies and training institutes.

My skills include formats’ design, organisation of didactics, evaluation methods definition and releasing control systems on content delivery.

The organisation of conferences, workshops, seminars, team building events and corporate travel can be included in the training.

Among the training services:

Organisation and delivering courses in

• Business planning
• Marketing planning
• Market analysis
• Media planning
• International business
• Project and workflow management
• Products & services design
• Accounting
• Brand identity design
• Graphic design
• Copywriting
• Advertising design and management
• Specific topics arranged with the customer